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We have noticed that businesses that decide to leverage software to increase productive always end up with less day-to-day issues and lots of extra time for further creative development.


Computer training tends to be a competitive market, you need to supply high quality training which is fully customised to clients needs, at time and place that suits them. Oh and don’t forget at a reasonable price as well. All these requirements, calls to clients, trainer organisation and sales effort all needs to be tracked and managed to deliver a high quality service.


Our approach was to develop a set of a applications to help staff manage all the aspect of a course booking, from sales to deliver.

We devised three key applications:

  • Systematix Website

    The website was face of the business it’s role could be compared to a business development executive, expect it would operate 24/7 365 bringing client enquiries to the sales team in a organised way.

  • CRM Application

    This application would track all the enquires and communication between the prospect and the sales team. It would allow the sales team to juggle more prospect and close more sales over larger periods of time.

  • Administrator Application

    This application was particular special to Systematix as it took they already existing processes and leverage automation to help with the bulk of the work. Since all aspects of a booking are managed in the application the quality of deliver skyrocketed.


Since the introduction of the new applications the business had a x4 of revenues with little to no fixed costs. This also acts a based to allow the business to expand its operations with new courses by simply updating its offering on the website.  

As well because the administrator application was designed around the way they work it has cemented their process in the form of logic steps which has created a lasting business asset for years to come.

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    Systematix is small business providing computer training. They run onsite/offsite, private/public and 1 to 1 training courses on a various number of computer skills such as Microsoft Office and MySQL Database. Being a company involved in software training they knew that software was the key to grow and scale their sales and booking in the process.

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