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Team Focus

It took Team Focus many years to perfect their testing platform this was done by very close collaboration between their developers and psychiatrists.

The platform itself started out as a simple set of Perl scripts and grew into a fully fledged testing platform able to serve many complex tests to users around the world. However while the system was evolving so too was the internet and all the tools and items associated with it. The platform was able to be adapted to make use of many of these industry enhancements but it was getting much more difficult to do.

Not only was the application becoming much harder to maintain it was also becoming more difficult to find developers with Perl experience and who wanted to continue developing in it.


Our approach was to develop a new test framework based on a modern technology stack that we would design for the ground up to handle the known complexities of the current system. This was designed to run side-by-side with the current system and allow for development while not impacting existing business processes.

We devised a new system broken into three key components.


The API provides a Restful interface into existing data as well as a platform from which to build out any new data requirements. It also provided the ability to allow to allow for third party integrations. The technologies employed here where Laravel, MySQL and MongoDb.

Test Presenter

This component delivers the tests to the end user. It make use of EmberJs a powerful javascript framework allow it to provide a rich user experience. When designing it we took into account all the current requirements as well as making sure it was adaptable to future needs.

Admin Panel

Allowing Team Focuses staff the power to administer their system was area which they were keen to enhance. This not only gave them control over the Test Presenter but also their legacy platform. This system also made use of the EmberJs the same javascript framework used in the Test Presenter.


The new Test Presenter platform gives Team Focus the ability to reliably create, update and report on new sets of high quality, highly accessible online tests. It also provides them with a robust framework for developing new more advanced testing scenarios.

As well as designing and developing this new platform we also helped them move away from a dedicated server hosting solutions to a full cloud based infrastructure. Making use of  Kubernetes which allows them to scale automatically with customers demands.

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    Team Focus is a small business providing psychometric assessments online. Their platform has been around for a number of years and has been very successful, but it was starting to signs of age. The forward-thinking businesses owner realized that in order to improve the longevity of the platform a gradual process of enhancement would be required.

    We always find that businesses heavily dependant on software must keep innovating and enhancing their products to maintain their competitive edge.

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