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  • A smarter, faster, and easier way to build a successful web application.

    At Neso we don’t buy into the old way of software development, it’s drawn-out, bureaucratic and based on make-believe. Results are bloated expensive software dripping with mediocrity.

    Here we like to make software decisions based on real things rather than abstract notions. That's why we get your application up and running within 2 weeks, and constantly update every 2 weeks with your new features and tweaks.

  • We are looking to deliver what the customer needs and eliminate anything they don’t.

    By applying our vision and business practices to our client’s products we hope to promote greater resource productivity while delivering better products that will positively impact their customers.

  • In addition to accelerating development for our client’s products, we hope to inspire more companies to invest in industry, innovation and infrastructure as part of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

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  • "We know that less time struggling with technical details will allow our clients to deliver more value to the world."